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New hybrid Lexus coupe: RC 300h
 The Lexus RC is a vehicle of 4.7 meters with coupe body. Quality of realization, touch material and silent march is comparable to a luxury saloon, such as a Lexus GS. Seeketh may very well topped coupe, he sits as or more satisfied with this Lexus a coupe A5 or BMW 4 Series.
The rear seats are small and smaller than those of rivals mentioned in the first paragraph. There is little clearance to the ceiling and also scarce legroom. If the person who is in the front seats is about 1.80 meters and sits relatively near the dashboard, rear left right place for the legs of a person of similar stature.
Its front seats are seats that have seemed particularly good lateral support and the support they give to the back and legs, as well as the quality of their thick and soft leather upholstery. These seats have electrical regulations and may be vented.

Currently, there is no other hybrid coupe available on the market (except the BMW i8, that is plug), so it is not easy to locate the RC 300h in the market for its drive system.Some possible alternatives are the Audi A5 Coupé and the BMW 4 with gasoline engines similar power series.

They are less expensive and faster than the Lexus 300h RC. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe is more expensive and fast (sheet comparative). The Lexus RC 300h is the least of all spent fuel. There are two reasons why pure performance of RC 300h are lower. On the one hand, because its top speed is limited to 190 km / h, and on the other, their weight is high (1800 kg, which is 295 kg more than an Audi A5 Coupé 2.0 TFSI 225 hp and 275 more than the BMW 428i Coupé ).

The perception is at the controls of RC Lexus 300h is indeed that it is not a particularly fast vehicle acceleration. Once released will maintain a high speed with little effort, an impression that is enhanced by the fact that the interior is very quiet and the motor makes little noise. In other phases of strong acceleration is evident the usual noise of hybrid Lexus models (and Toyota), to which must be used because it is not the traditional car gearbox with fixed ratios.The Lexus RC 300h driving very easily on fast roads and curves that are not too slow, which gives a sense of security and high control.

Homologated fuel consumption is between 4.9 and 5.0 l / 100 km (depending on the version). I've gotten consumption in all types of roads at a legal rate, without doing anything special to consume very little and with some very intense point acceleration, has been between 7.0 and 8.0 l / 100 km at different distances. It is perfectly possible to spend less (but this must be made); it is also easy to spend significantly more. In other markets there is more variety of versions for the RC Lexus. On the one hand, there is the RC 200t (petrol engine 245 hp) and 350 RC (petrol engine of 318 horses). Lexus does not consider likely to reach the RC 200t to Spain.

The interior of the RC has a resemblance to the Lexus IS design, although the RC Lexus has replaced the command type "joystick" with which the multimedia system (which Lexus calls "Lexus Remote Touch Interface") is handled by other types controls, which may be two depending on trim level. One is a tactile surface (image) with a series of buttons, and other a joystick you can press and turn (picture) and also has buttons around. Neither of the two systems is completely satisfactory because it is difficult scoring with the function or the menu you want. The screen at the top of the dashboard is 7 inches (not touch). It shows each of the selected functions and other things like mapping navigation system, providing a poor quality graphics details.