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Compare car insurance
Compares your safe's car with more than 15 companies and find the best safe. In less than two minutes can compare rates and coverage of insurance of car of different insurance according to your profile of driver and vehicle.

We help the client to compare various types of car insurance with a single form avoiding you may need to perform the same query to each of the insurance companies.

The form more easy of save time and money in your safe of car is, compare price between the different products of the market, paying special attention to the mode of safe of car and coverage that hired.


The safe of car, can be hired in different modalities, composed by a package of coverages (that is van expanding according to extend of mode). All them modalities have with the coverage of liability Civil compulsory, that as its name indicates is a secure mandatory by law and that guarantees that them damage caused to third, are covered.

Remember to perform a comparative car insurance, it is the most effective way to save on your car insurance. It allows to compare different rates and coverage among the companies considering the type of driver and vehicle to ensure.

How calculate prices for your safe from car

To calculate the price of your car insurance, fill out our form, indicating brand, model, and version of the vehicle and who will be the driver.

We give you the option to compare your car insurance with over 25 insurance companies with a single form, so you will have the option to compare different products and modes of different insurers (without performing the same query to each of the companies), as well as coverages and services that you offer.

In less than 5 minutes, will find prices of more than 25 companies of insurance of car or if it want you call free to help you to find them coverage and safe that need to the best price of the market.

The price of a safe's car, varies depending on the profile of the driver and of the vehicle to ensure. The profile of the driver, amended it prima depending on its age, years of experience as driver and his behavior as such (if has had or not claims). The data of the vehicle that will affect to the price, will be their features technical such as cylinder capacity, power, number of doors as well as the year of enrolment and kilometers that is travel, between others.
Insurance of car cheap and with all the coverage

He price of a safe of car, depends on of the mode (third, third expanded or all risk) contracted, of the coverage and capital (in addition to the profile of the driver and vehicle).